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 LIS to Physician EMR Interfacing 

The Challenge

The laboratory industry to be competitive needs bi-directional electronic communication between the LIS (Laboratory Information System) and physician EMRs. (Electronic Medical Records) When completed, this creates an electronic pathway for sending clean orders, patient and insurance demographics to the LIS, and fast turn-around times for test results sent to the physician EMR. A win for both laboratories looking to scale and physician offices looking for integration with their EMRs. The challenge is that there is a vast network of different physician EMR systems, each with specific integration requirements that need to be understood and addressed. Interfacing the laboratory LIS to external physician EMRs is now an expected requirement to achieve successful outreach connectivity to the surrounding physician community.

How can a laboratory be compatible with all the physician EMR requirements in the marketplace? The recommended approach is to use a LIS to EMR integration service provider. A LIS to physician EMR integration service provider has an on-demand team that has an extensive understanding of LIS to EMR integration, addressing the unique and customizable needs of the LIS and the implementation experience working with multiple physician EMR providers from previous implementations. Solving the laboratory integration challenge positions your organization to be service-driven and provides the ability to scale quickly when new business presents itself.

The Solution

LIS - EMR Hub Interfacing

Connecting remotely with your physician community through an EMR Hub is a logical step in the right direction. The EMR Hub sets in front of your LIS, requiring only one interface to your lab LIS. From the EMR Hub, you can connect to the physician community, each having its own EMR. Once the EMR Hub is in place, you can work on several different physician EMRs simultaneously. The EMR Hub eliminates the need for custom point-to-point interfaces, costly interface engine maintenance, and IT staff to develop and support them.

Bringing a sense of structure and peace of mind, it is a relief working with a LIS to EMR service provider; their staff is ready and knowledgeable for your side of the implementation project. On the other side of the equation, the physician EMR vendor may not be in a position to start the project or meet your milestones due to competing priorities and project backlogs. The recommended approach is to reach out to the physician EMR vendor before any project kick-off, this step makes sense to understand where you are in the next-in-line list. Another potential outlier is that the physician office IT person may be in the same boat as the EMR vendors with competing priorities. Keep this in mind when you are forecasting when you will connect with the physician’s EMR.

EMR Connectivity Benefits

Live mapping dashboard
  • The dashboard provides an overview of insurance mapping across all physician offices.
  • View new insurance records and mapped records
  • Map discontinued insurance codes to the replacement insurance code across multiple offices
  • Cross-referencing physician insurance codes to your laboratory master insurance codes
Centralized Dashboard
  • A live snapshot of all interface activity
  • Remote configuration and schedule management
  • Powerful and easy tool to create and manage interfaces
  • Monitor transactions stuck or taking too long
  • Alerts when a vital system is down or working sporadically
Additional Benefits
  • Clean, legible orders
  • Fast turn-around-times for test results
  • Updated patient demographics
  • Updated insurance demographics
  • Instrument ready bar code
  • ABN checking
  • Medical necessity checking

 Laboratory Orders Result Portal 

The Challenge

Laboratories that provide an order and results portal that can offer flexible workflow configurations that accommodate user preferences for order entry and results delivery. The lab portal is highly suited for the following environments:

Physician Lab Portal

Used in a physician setting provides the lab the ability to report partial results, critical or abnormal results following physician preferences.

PSC Lab Portal

Used in patient service centers (PSC) setting improves the validation of orders and speed of check-in of patients.

Nursing Home Lab Portal

Used in the nursing home setting provides recurring, standing, and future orders generation as a must-have feature.

Specialized Portals 

Options for Anatomic Pathology and  Molecular.

The Solution

Lab Order Result Portal Highlights

  • Quick TAT improves physician satisfaction
  • Reduces call volume to the physician office for missing information and from physician offices for lab results
  • Reduce costs associated with relabeling

  • Medical necessity checking
  • ABN generation (Advance Beneficiary Notices)
  • Reduce missing information necessary for billing

  • Disburse lab results back to physician EMRs configured how their EMR will ingest the information
  • Once patient access is enabled, patients can view their test results and historical trends using the portal

  • Generate lab branded requisitions, labels, and reports
  • Direct orders to patient service centers (PSCs) with lab branded requisitions

  • Enable remote lab-specific printing in physician offices
  • Send results back to the EMR, including reflexed tests and unsolicited orders
  • Provide sophisticated reports, including integrated and cumulative reports

  • Prevent missed or lost orders to help ensure you LIS get the information needed for each test
  • Create standing and one-time scheduled orders for PSC handling
  • Access order information at the PSC when the patient presents
  • Reduce wait times and improve the check-in process
  • Allows patients to present at any of the lab’s draw centers
  • Configure lab defined clinical and business rules
  • Submit an order electronically from an external ordering system such as an EMR

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